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One of our favorite office toys that is a guaranteed stress reliever is the Flingshot Monkey.  This funny little monkey provides a humorous setting to get everyone re-energized, laughing and interacting!  Everyone can have their own monkey or one monkey can be shared with a team.  In either case it is best to first make a connection with your monkey by giving him a name and by personalizing him or his cape using felt markers.  Once the bond has been made we like to bring the monkeys together to compete in a series of events we call Monkey Olympics.  You can choose to have the events happen back to back or you can schedule the events to occur at a designated time once a week or each day.  Some of our favorite events are:

Monkey Bowling - set up plastic water bottles as pins on a boardroom table or an open floor space.  You can write point values on each pin with a felt marker.  Competitors take turns shooting their monkey at the pins trying to knock as many down as possible.  You can increase the challenge by adding various distances from which to shoot.

Target Monkey - set up plastic trash bins on their sides or cardboard boxes of various sizes on their side.  Competitors must try and shoot their monkey and get it into the designated target from various distances away. 

Shotput Monkey - you need a long stretch of open area such as a long hallway or a parking lot.  Competitors attempt to shoot their monkey the farthest distance.  These monkeys can shoot over 50ft so make sure the area you've chosen is long enough.  Have one or two officials stationed at the other end to mark the distance the monkey flew either with chalk or tape.

There are many other options for Monkey Events so if you come up with one you're proud of share it with us!  Check out this video of Monkey Olympics in action!  http://www.high5teambuilding.com/flingshot_monkey



  1. Luwus Camp Bali on December 26, 2013 at 8:44 PM said:
    Great idea, thank you for your sharing
  2. Team Building Bali on October 23, 2014 at 9:58 AM said:
    Very innovative team building game.
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