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Brain Food
Brain Food

Brain Food

Putty for your hands...A playground for your mind!
Brain Food
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Why Use Brain Food?

- Soothing kneading of elastic, vibrant putty "stretches” the imagination, promotes free flow of ideas, and provides relaxation.
- Ideal for networking your right & left brain and for overcoming mind blocks.
- channels fidget energy so you can focus mentally.
- Ask employees or students to shape Brain Food and you’ve got a powerful, tangible illustration of their endless creative potential for creating something uniquely different from everyone else!
- Use as the catalyst for learning.

Brain Food as a training tool or meeting energizer:

- Have partipants create a mold of what they found most valuable from the session and then explain their creation to everyone. eg. mold a car out of putty to represent "go the extra mile"
- Play Putty Charades! Make cards with words or phrases relating to the training topic. Put partipants into teams and then have one member of the team pick a card and then without using words, mold shapes with the putty for their team mates to try and guess the word or phrase. Use a timer and then award points to the teams that guess correctly within the allotted time frame.

Brain Food is inert, non-toxic, and safe. It contains no latex or wheat compounds. It is safe for use by people with sensitivity to wheat or latex and will not promote the development of latex allergies. Brain Food can be molded, stretched, twisted and even bounces!

Each Tin Packed with 1/5 lb. of putty
Remains a non-sticky, taffy-like consistency even when it is left out of the canister for 2 months. Note: Does not harden to hold its shape permanently.
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