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Christmas Party Package (32 - 320 plus)
Christmas Party Package (32 - 320 plus)

Christmas Party Package (32 - 320 plus)

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Christmas Party Package (32 - 320 plus)
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All packages are designed for playing times between 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours or longer if you wish. See Game Overview and Package size inclusions at the bottom of page for details

NOTE - Points to consider when choosing Package size are:

1. Choose a package that matches approximately the number of guests expected and approximately how many players you want per team?

2. The entertainment portion of the package is very flexible and will work fine even if the actual number of guests that arrive are above or below the package size chosen. If you go over all that is affected is those people may not get a hat.

3. Plan to organize your guests into multiples of 8 teams. (ex. 8,16,24,32 or 40 depending on size of group) This will ensure all teams that meet up at the 4 game stations will have an opponent. IE. 2 teams per game station x 4 game stations equals 8 teams. The bigger packages include more of the same games per station. The number of players per team can vary although try to keep all team sizes roughly the same. If you adhere to these two main points, of multiples of 8 teams and roughly equal team sizes, the event will practically run itself from this point on.

Please include your expected number of guests on the order form and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. We are just as concerned as you, if not more, that your party is a success.

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