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Getta Gripp Game
Getta Gripp Game

Getta Gripp Game

Getta Gripp Game
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Simple to learn and offering limitless opportunities to reinvent the game play

How to Play?

- Teams of two or more people working together to connect eight 3-D "Gripps" between their bodies
- Place Gripps in a circle, randomly select and insert the numbered plugs.
- Start the timer and attach the Gripps in numerical order
- Attach as many Gripps as possible within the time limit
- The round is over if a Gripp falls off
- Count the number of Gripps attached
- The next team or teams try to put more Gripps on in the same Order

INCLUDES: 8 Gripp and 8 number pieces made of soft EVA foam and expandable tubing, adjustable digital timer and soft plastic carrrying case
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