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Bubble Thing Deluxe 33"
Bubble Thing Deluxe 33"

Bubble Thing Deluxe 33"

Bubble Thing Deluxe 33"
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Yes, 20-footers your first time out. (It’s so easy, the breeze often does it for you.) Dip your fabric loop in the soap bucket, swing it sideways and—WOW! Then start open-and-closing the loop so the giant bubbles fly free—Enormous, gorgeous, soaring, long-lasting, all-colors-of-the-rainbow, jawdroppingly-wonderful bubbles.

Invented in 1984 by New York architect David Stein, the Bubble Thing is without equal in performance. The featherweight capillary fabric, the sliding open-and-close control, the easy swing of the single handle (able to follow eddies of the air) all make Bubble Thing uniquely fun and versatile. You can bubble whales, serpents, globes, doubles, triples, chains, bubble-in-a-bubble, even kid-in-a-bubble!

- have a competition to see which team or individual can create the biggest bubble!!

INCLUDES: 1 Bubble Thing Deluxe 33" (we recommend purchasing bubble mix for stronger bigger bubbles see below for add-on)

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