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Giant Chess/Checker Mat
Giant Chess/Checker Mat

Giant Chess/Checker Mat

Giant Chess/Checker Mat
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Use with your People as Playing Pieces or with our Chess or Checker Playing Pieces to play the Traditional Game, or use with our Giant Dice for Invigorating Race games.

Checkers - Use people wearing black/white tee-shirts and have black/white hats for Queening or get our Checker Game Pieces.

Chess - Draw or attach cut-outs of Game Pieces on black/white tee-shirts or get our Chess Game Pieces.

Race - Six Teams of whatever size choose one member as a racer and the others become the Cheering section/Pit Crew. Number the racers and/or the Mat from 1 to 6 and have racers get in their respective positions in front of the Mat. Each Team (not the racers) will take turns rolling the die advancing the racers forward depending on which number is rolled. First racer to reach the finish line wins. Keep rolling for Second and Third place finishes if you desire. For an Extra Fun Twist get creative with your racers - make them into horses, reindeers, cars, farm animals or even name them after famous Athletes!

See Also below for our Chess or Checker Game Pieces and our Giant Dice.

INCLUDES: Heavy duty vinyl mat built for durability and easy to clean.
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