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Giant Tower
Giant Tower

Giant Tower

Giant Tower
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Now Includes Storage/Carry Bag!
Giant Tower is a giant version of the classic "Jenga" game where it takes a steady hand to remove a block and place it on top building the tension as the game gets higher and higher.

TEAMPLAY: Select how many teams and number of players per team. With Teamwork players remove blocks from lower levels and use these to build the tower as high as possible until it topples. Judges will count the number of blocks used until it falls. The team that used the most blocks wins. Timed versions: Try these to speed up play and add excitement; Option 1 - Give the teams a certain amount of time to build the highest Tower without it falling. Option 2 - Time how long it takes to add a pre-determined amount of levels without it falling. If every teams tower crumbled before allotted time or height then the team that added the most blocks would win.

INCLUDES: 58 blocks made from quality pine from FSC certified forests and Storage/Carry Bag.  The tower starts at 3ft 6inches and builds up to over 5ft in play.
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