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Fun Fly Stick - Magic Levitation Wand
Fun Fly Stick - Magic Levitation Wand

Fun Fly Stick - Magic Levitation Wand

Fun Fly Stick - Magic Levitation Wand
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A magic wand of sorts that's simply mesmerizing. The wand emits static charge using patented technology which allows users to levitate the tinsel flying shapes included with the wand just by pressing a button. Once aloft levitating shapes can be directed by the user in any direction. Check the Video Link below


- Use multiple wands to levitate and pass the shape back and forth the longest time or for points awarded for artistic ability etc. No shortage of laughter and excitement for spectators, judges and participants!!!

- Have a relay race! Team mates take turns carrying the levitated shape from a starting point to a finish line. Have the course go around obstacles such as tables and chairs for added excitement. The cheers from the spectators will be deafening!

INCLUDES: One wand, 10 flying shapes and magic wand manual. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

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