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Fun Casinos

Fun Casinos Edmonton & Alberta

We're proud to say we've  been facilitating fun casinos for over 16 years and have thousands of Happy Customers!  We've hosted casinos for groups from 6 to 1000 guests and know what it takes to have a successful event!  Top of the line tables, wide variety of games, charismatic dealers and Las Vegas style decorations make for an unforgettable interactive gambling experience!

Themed and Interactive options available.

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Money TunnelMoney TunnelLively addition to any casino and fun for player and spectators! Money or signage can be customized to promote company, fundraiser or event. BlackJackBlackJackOne of the most popular and easy played casino games BlackJack SwitchBlackJack SwitchBlackjack with a Poker Side Bet Option.
RouletteRouletteSpinning Wheel game with lots of betting options CrapsCrapsThe Classic Dice Game that gets everyone cheering! Casino WarCasino WarJust like the game you played as a kid but with a classic flare
Chuck A Luck DiceChuck A Luck DiceDice in a spinning cage with lots of betting options. Red DogRed DogA game of odds. Players bet on whether a 3rd card will fall inbetween the first 2 cards. Crown & Anchor WheelCrown & Anchor WheelA classic favorite that appeals to everyone
Texas Hold'em PokerTexas Hold'em PokerClassic two card poker game. Three Card PokerThree Card PokerThree card poker game where players play against the dealer Caribbean PokerCaribbean Poker5 card poker game where players play against the dealer
BaccaratBaccaratA game of chance whereby you gamble on the outcome of the game.


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