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Office Toys
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Flingshot MonkeyFlingshot MonkeyThis Monkey is the star of Office Olympic Games!
Brain FoodBrain FoodEngaging the imagination & refreshing the mind, Brain Food is an impressive dose of high quality moldable putty. It is a valuable tool for people of all ages
Smiley Face relaxable balls- Case of 12Smiley Face relaxable balls- Case of 12Great stress reliever or fidget toy for meetings.
Thumball Ice BreakerThumball Ice BreakerOne of the best ice breakers for corporate events, parties, training and counseling
PerplexusPerplexusAddicting puzzle that is a thrilling challenge!
AirzookaAirzookaShoots a harmless ball of air up to 30ft!
Bop Bag - RefereeBop Bag - RefereeThis Ref Won't Mind if Anyone takes their Frustrations Out on Him!
Zyclone Zing Ring BlasterZyclone Zing Ring BlasterLaunches ring flyers over 100ft!
Fun Fly Stick - Magic Levitation WandFun Fly Stick - Magic Levitation WandA Magic Levitation Wand! Shapes Actually Float in Mid Air!!
Bop Bag - TherapeuticBop Bag - TherapeuticYou create the face you want to Bop!
Bow & Marshmallow- CamouflageBow & Marshmallow- CamouflageOffice Archery - Shoot targets off of the Bosses or employees heads
Marshmallow Blaster CamoMarshmallow Blaster CamoNo matter how civilized you are, no matter how refined your etiquette, sometimes you need to......
Marshmallow Double Barrel ShooterMarshmallow Double Barrel ShooterOffice Warfare - NEW doubleshooter has been added to the line from Marshmallow Fun
Marshmallow CrossbowMarshmallow CrossbowFun Safe Crossbow for the executive hunter in every office!
Executive ShooterExecutive ShooterMade for executives whichever way you want to look at it. Giving or Receiving!!
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