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Smiley Face relaxable balls- Case of 12
Smiley Face relaxable balls- Case of 12

Smiley Face relaxable balls- Case of 12

Smiley Face relaxable balls- Case of 12
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Fun Smiley Face relaxable balls are sold in cases of 12 with assorted smiles.

Usage suggestions:

- Great to hand out at the start of a meeting to give participants something to keep their hands busy and their minds alert.

- Take a 5 minute break and have a juggling competition.

- Have participants come up with a name for their smile ball that reflects what they learned from the event. eg: ARTEE achieve-results-teamwork-equals-efficiency; FRED focus-reach-encourage-develop...have them share their name with everyone for an amusing and enlightening experience.

- Have participants write the most useful point(s) they acquired from the meeting on their ball in pen to work as a desktop reminder.

- Put partipants into teams of 2 or 3 and have a tossing competition. Teams that can keep the ball or balls tossing back and forth the longest without dropping any wins!

INCLUDES: 12- 2.6" assorted smiley face stress balls
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