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30 Second Showoff

What team goals can be met in 30 seconds? Morale boosting, team bonding, camaraderie building are all aspects of this super energizing virtual event.

Event Details

A lively virtual based program where participants are put into teams to compete in various challenges. Prior to the event, participants are provided with a small list of common items that they will need. To begin, the Facilitator will greet the group, explain the event, then introduce the first challenge. Teams are sent into virtual break out rooms to practice and decide who will be the first team show-off. Most challenges do not require extreme skills, more so, they foster fun and laughter! High 5 Facilitators will pop into team breakout rooms offering tips and encouragement if necessary. When ready, all the groups reconvene, and the chosen show-offs compete in a hilarious display of who knows what you'll get! The Facilitator introduces the next challenge and away we go again!

Time Frame

1 to 2 hours

Group Size

8 to 96 participants per session. Contact us for larger groups.


Laptop or similar with zoom app, household items (list provided prior to event)

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