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High 5 Racing

Competitive and exhilarating event inspiring teamwork to design and build a customized model racecar to race against other teams entries

Event Details

Teams visit various pit stops to earn car parts by successfully completing challenges facilitated by our Pit Crews. Once all the parts have been gathered, they’ll experiment with weights, tweak axles and wheels, decide on various design elements, all to determine what will give them the competitive edge needed to be the ultimate champions. Coming up with a unique team name, designing a banner, energetic team cheer, and team dance will also propel teams to the top, as winning the race is not all that counts here. Once teams have completed their racecar they can perform trial runs to evaluate performance and make modifications where necessary. Now it’s time for the big race on our digital gravity powered racetrack accurate to within 0.001 of a second! This is where all the elements of interesting car design, hilarious team cheers! and team dances! etc.! etc.! all come together to make this event one not soon forgotten! This event can be further enhanced with the addition of giant screens to showcase racecar stats or even replay the action!

Time Frame

Flexible and dependent on group size. Min 2 hrs.

Group Size

20 +

Space Required

Space 50ft long for full race track but track can be shortened to accommodate smaller areas.

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