Virtual Fun Casino Fun

Virtual Fun Casinos

Play at your leisure Fun Casino or try our Interactive Casino for a team building twist!

Event Details

Our Virtual Fun Casinos are as fun as being there! The same lively experienced dealers are at your service, utilizing our actual casino tables, with 12 premium games to choose from. Guests can move, at their leisure within the virtual Zoom casino, increasing their chip counts as they go.  At the end of the event, we will provide a chip count for guests, if you'd like to offer prizes or bragging rights! 


Try our Interactive Casino where everyone is placed on teams, for friendly head-to-head battles. This format ensures everyone will mix and mingle, while also learning and playing all the games in the casino. We also incorporate breakouts with team challenges to add even more fun and excitement! Great for networking events!

Time Frame

1 to 2 hours

Group Size

5 to  100 participants per session. Contact us for larger groups.


Laptop or similar with zoom app

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