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Team Picassos

This program combines the stress relieving benefits of putting paint to canvas with the liveliness of working as a team! It’s about discovering the inner artist in everyone and giving everyone the freedom to let their creativity shine.

Event Details

To get the creative juices flowing we start out the event with some lively interactive challenges. This portion of the program gets everyone energized and working together as a team so when we move to painting everyone’s revved up! Working in teams participants will be able to explore various art techniques to create a painting that will connect with other teams paintings to produce a large masterpiece! Teams will need to form a plan, share ideas and cooperate to create their painting. They’ll also need to work with the other teams to discuss the “bigger picture”. The final result of Team Picassos are unique masterpieces that you can display back at your work place either individually or as a whole. Participants feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they see the finished results as it’s evident that it’s a culmination of everyone’s efforts. The one of kind art piece radiates with each person’s special touch!

Time Frame

Flexible and dependent on group size. Min 1.5 hours.

Group Size


Space Required

Space large enough to comfortably accommodate your group.

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