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The EMazing Race

Based on the popular TV show, “Amazing Race”, High 5’s EMazing Race where the “E” is for entertainment, the “M” is for motivation and the “Race” does not equate to running.

Event Details

This event is an interactive adventure geared towards entertainment and camaraderie. This engaging team building event challenges teams to navigate a series of ‘detours’ and roadblocks’ as they make their way through the circuit. Teams solve clues and complete intriguing and exciting team tasks along the way, all with healthy doses of laughter thrown in. We tailor the pace based on the competitiveness of each group. Teams choose individuals best suited to perform various tasks. This means nobody is forced to do anything they’re not comfortable with, yet everyone gets the opportunity to try something new and challenging. Teams must pull together, communicate and rely on each other’s strengths to emerge victorious. Teamwork has never been so much fun! This activity can be further enhanced with team Race themed costumes and props!

Time Frame

Flexible and dependent on group size. Min 1.5 hours.

Group Size

12 +

Space Required

Works in a variety of locations both indoors and outdoors.

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