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Family Feud High 5

High 5 Gameshows

Come on down and join the fun in one of High 5's entertaining gameshows

Event Details

High 5 Gameshows take all the fun, energy, and excitement of the show you see on TV, and bring it to you live! But we take it one step further by ensuring that EVERYONE plays as opposed to having your group merely watch three or four people competing. We also ensure high energy and interactivity by including short, fast-paced challenges that physically involve the participants. These activities are each designed to take 3-5 minutes, and they are interspersed with the more traditional Gameshow type questions. Games can be designed specifically for your organization by including questions about your profession, your company, your products, even your co-workers. By adding inside jokes about your group we make sure that everyone can join in the fun!

Time Frame

Min 1.5 hours

Group Size

12 +

Space Required

Indoor space

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