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Team Teddy 4

Team Teddy

The comfort of a teddy bear is like a big hug for a child in distress and the outcome of this program is to donate teddy bears to children in need through the Zebra Protection Center and similar charities.

Event Details

The fun begins with individuals being placed on teams that will then participate in various challenges to win parts to build their team teddy bear. Each team will create their own very high quality bear, costumed and complete with accessories! It will take cooperation, strategizing, teamwork and creativity to complete the tasks required, but mostly it will be a lot of fun! By the time the bears are completed the room is full of energy and excitement and best of all, participants leave with a sense of accomplishment for helping a worthy cause.

Time Frame

Minimum 1.5 hours

Group Size

Any size

Space Required

Any space large enough to comfortably accommodate your group. An area with tables for bear construction is ideal

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