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Add More Fun Options - Explained

Staring Contest

Battlers pair off.  If there are an odd number of players then the player with the nearest birthday sits out(bye).  If needed, the player with the furthest birthday would get the next bye. 

The one winner earns the bonus point.

1.    Battlers face the person they are battling.

2.    Someone says 3-2-1 start.

3.    Battlers stare into each other's eyes trying not to blink.

4.    The first one to blink loses.

5.    Battlers can make faces/noises to get their opponent to blink.

6.    Whoever wins, battles other winners, if more than 2 competing. 

7.    The final winner scores the bonus point.

Odds or Evens Battle

Battlers chose to either be on the Odd or Even team then all battle simultaneously. Each player on the winning team earns a bonus point.

1.    Battlers each decide whether they want to be odd or even.

2.    Battlers each put a fisted hand into the center.

3.    All count 1-2-3 and on 3 change fist to any number of fingers they want.

4.    Count all outstretched fingers and if the total of all fingers equals an odd number odds win and if it equals an even number evens win.

5.    Each player on the winning team earns a bonus point.

Fast forward video to 1:00

Don't Laugh Challenge

One player decides to make the others laugh or lose their composure in any way. This player only earns a bonus point if anyone cracks. Players that hold their composure earn a bonus point.

1.    Battlers decide who wants to try and make the others laugh.

2.    Battlers get into a group sitting or standing.

3.    Those not playing can be the watchers to catch anyone starting to smile or grin.

5.    Someone not playing flips the timer.

6.    The person then has the full time to try and get other players to break their straight faces. 

7.    If anyone breaks the joker person earns a bonus point. Any players that maintained composure entire time earn a bonus point too.

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