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Humor in the workplace? Why not?

Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, so we’ve been told, but is work the same way? I think most of us get up to go to work rather grudgingly and see it as a burden instead of bliss. How many of us drag ourselves to our jobs with maybe a decent cup of Java or “dirty bean water”, less than enthusiastic attitudes (yawning and a bit cranky), and slow to the uptake (dragging our feet on the turf). That includes us as bosses (we ARE human too)!

Office Fun

Laughter is an Instant Vacation

Laughter is an instant vacation, Milton Berle said, and “There is Little Success where there is Little Laughter” Andrew Carnegie said. So, how can you as a coach, mentor or THE BEST BOSS create an environment that is enjoyed to the fullest? Inserting humor and advocating laughter is truly “the best medicine” in todays’ world! Check out “The Benefits of Laughing in the Office” by Betty-Ann Heggie in Harvard Business Review, circa Nov 16, 2018 or “10 Reasons Why Humor is a key to Success at Work” by Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes circa May 3, 2013.

It is hard to be frustrated or angry when you are laughing! Nowadays we deal with many sources of frustrations and hurdles, but can we laugh about it? Just try it and see! That’s why inserting laughter into all that you do will be blissful and make life worth enjoying to the fullest.

Click here for our innovative ideas for creating “Laughs in the Workplace”!

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