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Being a "Good Boss" means?

What does a ‘good’ boss mean to you? I think there are several good qualities that contribute to both the best bosses that I remember having and the belief that I, myself, was a good boss! I recall one of the early times in my career where I was first introduced to my new team and literally a day later one of them said I was a “Breath of Fresh Air!”. Is that a testament to what matters, approaching the role from a different vantage point and thereby dramatically different then whomever you replaced? A bit of a “wake up” call for a team? Perhaps! But, I believe that more goes into it than that. The best bosses that I remember having had over my tenure, were all passionate, energetic, truthful, and good at truly listening not just communicating. If you agree, then check out “What makes a Good Boss?” .

What makes a successful positive team is true camaraderie built on mutual trust and respect. Entrusting and celebrating a team was my mantra and that does lead to a strong positive work environment! As Travis Bradberry says “People don’t leave Companies they leave Bosses” (7 Things that make Great bosses Unforgettable, Forbes, Oct 15th, 2015). We need to make it our goal to be the best boss that we can be! How about adding some fun and dynamic team building? Check out High 5 TeamBuilding!

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